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WÖCHENTLICHES MENU VOM 23. April – 29. April 2018

Inlingua Party


So geht’s



So geht’s:

For parties and catering events, please schreib mir eine Email mit Deinen Wünschen.

I write a weekly newsletter that has a little to do with food and a lot to do with life. I am a travel writer, a mama, a chef, a yoga teacher, a music lover, a nature enthusiast and very social girl…I love to write about what’s going on around town, in the world, in the forest and in my heart.  Melde Dich für den Newsletter an.



Die Bestellung:

I cater parties and events for up to 50 people. Vegetarian, organic and homemade.

Send me an email: amie@sunshinekitchen.de


Die Bezahlung:

A 20% deposit is to be made first, and the remaining 80% to be paid the day of the party.

Alle Preise verstehen sich inklusive 7% Mehrwertsteuer.


trage dich hier für newsletter und wochenmenü ein:

Inside the kitchen






Place: Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle, Bayerischer Wald

Timings: 16:00, 20th July – 16:00, 23rd July 2017

Price: 379 Euros

Price includes: Daily morning yoga, daily guided hiking, 3x vegetarian and organic meals per day, evening campfire

Not included: Transportation to Schnitzmühle (train pick up and drop off available for an additional cost, please ask)

Course language: English & Deutsch

Extras Needed: Tent, sleeping bag, Thermarest and yoga mat


Join Ceri Temple and Amie Mignatti for an inspirational outdoor retreat designed to bring you in touch with your creativity, dreams, blocks and inspiration. Through daily yoga, guided hiking and evening campfires with led group discussions, discover the magic of reconnecting with yourself and nature.





After years of traveling and exploring the world, I landed in Munich by chance (but not really, it was always written in the stars). I thought I would stay for a year, maybe two…yet, I’m still here. I am definitely a homesick Texan, but my time in Munich has been packed with life experience and learning which has allowed me to grow (and continue to) immensely. I have a half-German daughter (this sort of thing will happen if you stay long enough in one place) and do what I love (almost) every day. The birth of my daughter showed me how important it is to live life from the heart, to have fun,  laugh and be light every single day.  To make this a reality, Amie’s Sunshine Kitchen was created. Cooking and sharing food with others is one of the things I do which makes me come alive.

I continue to teach yoga, work with children outdoors, write, dance, spend as much time in nature as possible, hike mountains, camp, swim in the ocean, rivers and lakes, travel, listen to loud music, laugh and create with my friends, enjoy my sweet family and have fun living the life that I’ve been given.  My food is my creation and a way in which I can spread the love.